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3 teams from Lithuania to Nørhalne Elite cup and a girl team from England to Nørhalne cup 2019

Von: Per Jeppesen - 21-03-2019 10:30


We are proud to announce that we now have the final sign in from club Tauras Kauno from Lithuania to Nørhalne Elite cup. A club with tradition for play in tournaments in Europe. Good compation and good friendship.

From UK, our new friends from club Glinton & Northborough, we now have an U16 girl team take part in Nørhalne cup. This is a big and wellknown football club with many girls team, and for the future we expect much of this friendship. The U16 teams arrive a few days before tournament, to prepare and to see a part of Denmark.


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Nørhalne Cup

Der Nørhalne Cup legt wert darauf, dass viel Fußball gespielt wird und dass man Spieler aus vielen Nationen kennenlernt.

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